Hands Are To Hold
Hands Are To Hold
~ A baby makes the mother and father--otherwise they're just plain people ~
Monday, June 06, 2005

Becca will finally walk, as long as someone holds her hand. Posted by Hello Katy at 8:50 AM 3 comments

An afternoon under the sprinkler is always fun. Posted by Hello Katy at 8:49 AM 0 comments

Shh, I'm telling Rebecca a secret! Posted by Hello Katy at 8:48 AM 0 comments

No, I won't smile for the camera. Posted by Hello Katy at 8:48 AM 0 comments

Hmm...what flavor is this one? Posted by Hello Katy at 8:47 AM 0 comments

Saturday, June 04, 2005
Dancing Girl

Zoe had her second dance recital tonight, and she did a great job. She wasn't nervous at all, and she remembered (almost) all of the moves. I laughed and I cried! Posted by Hello Katy at 10:05 PM 0 comments

These pictures were taken after Zoe's dress rehearsal a few days ago. She is supposed to be a Care Bear. Posted by Hello Katy at 10:04 PM 0 comments

Need I say anything? Posted by Hello Katy at 10:02 PM 0 comments

Family Pictures

A family pic from a wedding that we attended in May. The wedding itself, and seeing all of our friends, was lovely. The weather was freezing and raining. Ugh. Posted by Hello Katy at 9:59 PM 0 comments

Now, looking at this picture, whom who you say the girls take after??? Posted by Hello Katy at 9:57 PM 0 comments

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