Hands Are To Hold
Hands Are To Hold
~ A baby makes the mother and father--otherwise they're just plain people ~
Monday, May 02, 2005

On our recent trip to MD, Uncle Ted helped Zoe catch her second fish. (I didn't have the camera when she caught the first one.) Posted by Hello Katy at 7:57 AM 0 comments

Maeve teaches Zoe how to fish. Aren't they sweet?  Posted by Hello Katy at 7:56 AM 2 comments

Maeve teaches Zoe all about worms. Posted by Hello Katy at 7:56 AM 0 comments

Zoe and her cousins on their way to church. Posted by Hello Katy at 7:55 AM 0 comments

Zoe visiting her Maryland cousins. She had such a great time! Posted by Hello Katy at 7:55 AM 0 comments

Baby with a mohawk. Posted by Hello Katy at 7:54 AM 0 comments

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